Angel Readings by Jeanne Leto

Through a near death experience in her thirties, Jeanne was prompted to use her psychic abilities to help others.


Her clients have included law enforcement, licensed medical doctors, men of the cloth,

and even international entertainment producers.


As an angel reader, Jeanne suggests that you seek God through prayer and "intuition" (God communicating through your five senses). If you have trouble connecting, seek a God-centered reader to help you on your personal spiritual journey.

To Contact Me Please Send An Email To The Following Address:

Allow 24 Hours for a response

Due to chronic Lyme disease

All Readings must be prepaid.

Needs to be at least 24 hours in advance.

Only able to do 5 or 6 readings per week due to severe condition


"" For the past year and a half my husband and I have struggled to get pregnant! We have one child now and have always wanted to extend our family a little more. I prayed to God on multiple occassions and in the spring had a meeting with Jeanne. Beginning of May Jeanne told me that I would be pregnant during a J month...meaning june or july! It is August 8th and I am almost 9wks pregnant expecting our second child in March! Jeanne knew it and is amazing ;)           -- CR ""

"" I am a pretty scepticle person and don't believe in psychics! My wife had me meet Jeanne and have a meeting with her. I didn't ask many questions I just let her tell me things and I was so amazed I got chocked up. Jeanne told me things from my past that no one could know, feelings that I have never expressed. She was right on and I have to say I am now a believer!           -- KF  ""



This morning as I woke

My spirit loudly spoke

all past

all pain

all sorrow

all shame no more

Oh Heal me Father of them ALL

By your loving GRACE

no past

no pain

no sorrow

no shame




In Jesus precious name Amen

30 Minute Reading Sessions

Over the Phone Or Through Skype - $60


Receive a Box of Angel Oracles for Your First Half Hour Session

Pre-Payment Required for All Sessions